Auditions: Zastrozzi

A Play by George F. Walker
Directed by Matt Walsh

Something between a melodrama and a comedy of immoral ideas, Zastrozzi is violent, witty, and pitiless (much like its namesake). This action-packed exploration of the nature and cost of revenge shines with Walker’s brilliant dialogue.

This production will be presented en masque, with actors wearing half-masks. This is a combat-heavy show, with all characters involved in violence at one point or another; most roles must be able to engage in swordplay. (Previous experience with stage combat is not necessary.)

Audition process

Auditions will be held at 44 Gaukel St. Kitchener — use the entrance closer to the parking lot.

We ask that actors come prepared with a brief (1 minute or less) monologue; monologues will be available at the auditions if you are unable to prepare something, but bringing your own is strongly recommended. You may be asked to deliver your monologue in a different style.  

You will also be given an excerpt from the script from which to read; these sides can be made available in advance by contacting the production team at

Additionally, each actor will participate in a physical exercise as part of a group. These will be held at the half-hour (7:30, 8:30, and 9:30) each evening; you can take part in the session either before or after your reading audition, whichever is more convenient.

Your total time at the audition may be 30 minutes. In order to ensure you have time to study the scripts, we ask that actors arrive a bit early. We may request callbacks of actors under consideration for certain roles, which would take place on Friday February 10th.

See the call for more information about the auditions and the production.

February 6 — February 8
7:00 pm — 10:00 pm

44 Gaukel St

Matt Walsh

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