Flush Ink presents UnHinged: a Festival of Disturbing Theatre

In August, six playwrights were sent to disturbing locations where they were left to write a play. They arrived at their destinations with no idea where they were going or what they were going to write, allowing the environment to influence their stories…and it did. Welcome to the Write or Flight RESPONSE.

We’ve been doing this since 2011, and have been amazed with the concepts and quality of writing that has emerged from this. Many plays have gone on to be performed at other festivals and venues. We have sent playwrights to haunted hotel rooms, a barn filled with not quite feral cats (the playwright did not mention she was allergic), mausoleums, empty stores, et al.

Three of the plays written during Write or Flight will be presented on the main stage of for Flush Ink Productions’ UnHinged Festival of Disturbing Theatre, with two more presented during the Saturday Matinee. The plays include:

  • ROPE by Jenn Weatherall
  • CORPORATE FINCH by Taylor Marie Graham
  • HEAVEN’S KNIFE by Joshua Bosworth (never yet performed, written at the height of COVID)
  • SCARLET RAIN by Paddy Gillard-Bentley
  • STILL by Diana Lobb

One ticket covers all three main stage plays. Note: Thursday’s performance will only include two plays, which will be reflected in the ticket price. The Saturday afternoon show, other plays from Write or Flight + Heaven’s Knife, is non-ticketed, play what you can at the door.

Full festival schedule

Thursday, December 88pm: Corporate Finch; 9pm: Rope; 9:30pm: Scarlet Rain
Friday, December 98pm: Rope; 8:30pm: Heaven’s Knife; 9pm: Corporate Finch
Saturday, December 10 (matinée, PWYC at the door)2pm: Scarlet Rain; 2:30pm: Heaven’s Knife; 3pm: Still
Saturday, December 10 (evening)8pm: Corporate Finch; 9pm: Rope; 9:30pm: Heaven’s Knife

December 8 — December 10
8:00 pm — 10:00 pm

9 Princess Street East


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