KWLT’s Garage Sale

The Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre is long overdue for a dusting-out!  We’ve taken the opportunity of the ’extended break between seasons’ this year to climb up into our corners and take stock of all of the various many things™ that we’ve accumulated over the years.  And what an interesting amalgamation of things™ it is!  We have construction materials and tools left over from the rebuild of the theatre after the fire, we have technical equipment for lighting and audio, we have holiday and party supplies, and we even have some camping equipment and teacher/classroom supplies!  So we’ve decided to hold our first ever once-a-decade (decennial) garage sale!

The gory details:

  • Only one customer will be allowed in the building at a time.
  • For COVID safety you will have to wear a mask the entire time you are in line (if there is one) or in the building (there will definitely be a building).  If this is a “can’t” problem for you, please send a proxy who can; if this is a “won’t” problem for you, please feel free to not participate.
  • The path through the building will be one-directional: in via the back door (through the 25 Regina St. North parking lot), through the black box and out through the fire exit. There will be no access to the green room nor the lobby.
  • We’ll have our Square terminal set up, but because of the fees involved if your total is less than $5 then you’ll have to pay in coins.  Because of COVID we won’t be breaking bills.  Please bring loonies and toonies if you have your eye on just one or two little things.

You can find the list of available items here; please feel free to peruse beforehand. We’ll be spotlighting some of the available items on social media leading up to the event itself.

October 3
11:30 am — 2:30 pm

9 Princess Street East

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