March Madness 2022: Call for Scripts

One night — several teams — one script… and that script could be yours!

March Madness is an annual theatrical competition hosted by the Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre.  Production teams are given a short script one night, audition their actors the next day, and then perform a week later.  It’s a night of theatrical mayhem, with one play seen through some very different artistic lenses.

After our experiment with video dubbing last year, we’re pleased to return to our roots for March Madness 2022. While we’re still waiting on case counts and restrictions to decide on the exact format, we know that we’re going to need a script & we’re now open to submissions.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Short: An ideal March Madness script is about 10 minutes long or so.
  • Small: 2-3 characters is ideal, since we don’t know what gathering restrictions will look like in March. Gender neutrality is preferred.
  • Open: The script should permit a wide variety of interpretations, and not be tied down to a specific setting in time or place. Please keep stage directions to a minimum.

We are offering an honorarium of $80 for performance rights to the author of the selected script, along with possibly embarrassing amounts of public recognition.

Use this Google Form to submit your script — submissions received by February 4th will receive full consideration. If you have any questions, email us. And if your interested in participating in March Madness as part of a production team or as an actor, watch this space…

January 7 — February 4
11:00 am — 11:55 pm

Submit a script

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