Sounds Good to Me: Sam Nabi

Sam Nabi, a proudly millennial local hip-hop artist and rapper who studied urban planning, pushes back against the gaslighting of our generation. His songs explore identity, class, and culture at a time when these distinctions are becoming hyper-visible.

His latest album, Out of Body, explores a post-COVID world of gently releasing our inhibitions, erasing self-imposed restraints, and stepping out into a world that is forever changed yet somehow still wants us back. This album follows on the heels of Attract Hazard, his previously album produced through a Region of Waterloo Arts Fund grant.

Sam will be joined by drummer Ryan Dugal and guitarist Doug DeRozario to re-interpret and deconstruct his hip-hop sound in a live band setting. As Sam Nabi says in his song Motives, “Don’t just let your backing track do the talking — say something, okay hun? Are you a flash in the plan or are you a great one?”

Sam is co-owner of Full Circle Foods in downtown Kitchener.

This event is part of the Sounds Good to Me concert series. Doors open at 7:30.

September 2
8:00 pm — 10:30 pm

9 Princess Street East


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