Telephone Madness: call for participants

What is Telephone Madness? It’s like Telestrations, but with video and audio!

The concept: you are given 30 seconds of silent video. You have a week to create audio to match. The next week, another participant is given your audio track and produces the other half. Then their video without audio is passed along. Rinse and repeat up to 6 times. We’ll see at the end if the message stays the same, or if we end up going goofily off-track!

The challenge starts on October 15th and ends on December 4th. In the first week, participants will create a short video with audio. In the following 6 weeks, participants will produce video or audio. The audio-visual chains will be showcased for all to see in an event on KWLT’s YouTube channel on December 4th.

If you:

  • Miss hanging out with your theatre community
  • Want to acquire new skills in a low key environment
  • Want a fun excuse to apply skills you already have

…then this event might be for you! To participate, please register here.

Timeline: The games begin with a social event on Friday, October 15th, hosted on Discord; any questions that participants may have can be asked (and answered!) then. Initial videos will be due the following Thursday. The same Friday-to-Thursday schedule will hold for each successive task.


What would I need to participate? 

All you need is a stable internet connection and some way to record video/audio. Any modern smartphone will do. You are welcome to use any tools at your disposal.

Do I need a team to participate?

Telephone Madness is a solo challenge, but you’re welcome to use whatever resources and people at your disposal.

Where can I see the final result?

The final results will be streamed in a free live event on KWLT youtube page on December 4th.

What’s the cost for the event?

The event is free for KWLT members and $5 for non-members. 

If you have any questions please contact Sophie Twardus (

October 15
7:00 pm — 8:00 pm

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