Director’s Corner

We are currently accepting proposals for the 2022-2023 season!

Here’s what previous directors have said about staging a show at KWLT

What’s your favourite thing about working in the KWLT theatre space?

It is a great space, allowing for creative staging, and in turn, creative pieces to present. The advantages of a black box are numerous.

They had a variety of people to help out and proper advice if needed.

Scott Cooper

Diversity that’s expressed in both the wide variety of people you get to work with and the vast array of both artistic and technical approaches to theatre.

Adrienne Dandy
Blood Relations — 2018

Any advice for someone who has never directed a play but wants to?

On selecting a play…

Pick a play with a small cast that you can have fun with.

Carolyn Galvin

If you have an idea, propose it. You probably aren’t the only person who would enjoy your show.

Emily Crawford

About passion & vision…

Find a show you’re passionate about. even if you don’t have a vision for it, if you love it, the vision will follow.


Have a passion for your script and a vision (grounded in the actual script) for what you want to do with it. The first because you’re going to be hearing those words a lot. The second because without vision, there’s no spark of life.

Adrienne Dandy

On building your team…

The December Man (l’homme de Décembre) — 2019

Try to gather experience in acting and tech, but don’t wait if you’re ready to jump into directing. Learn how to speak to and work with actors to get the results you want, but also be open to what they and the other contributors bring to the show.


Get some team members who have done their respective roles before, it helps having an organized team especially if you are new. Also go to any workshops that are offered, they teach a lot that you wouldn’t think to ask about.

Emily Crawford

This was a challenge, as it was assumed that I had people in mind. It was a steep learning curve. I found it easiest to find a Stage Manager and then let that person form a team that they were comfortable working with.

Scott Cooper

That was always a struggle for me. Choose people around you that you trust and have related skills, even if they haven’t done a lot of theatre before. Then ask the theatre for help with the rest.

Venus in Fur — 2017

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