Revenge is a simple matter

Written by George F. Walker
Directed by Matt Walsh

Auditions: February 6–8, 2023
Performances: April 27–29, May 4–6 & 11–13, 2023

Zastrozzi, the master criminal of Europe. The one they whisper about in polite circles.

They say that Zastrozzi once passed through Paris like a plague. Leaving the aristocracy nearly bankrupt, their daughters all defiled and diseased, the police in chaos and the museums ransacked. And all because, it is said, he took a dislike to the popular French taste in art.

But they say that all Europe has no more cause to fear Zastrozzi. They say that for three years he has been single-minded in a search for revenge on one man and all the rest of Europe has been untouched…

Something between a melodrama and a comedy of immoral ideas, Zastrozzi is violent, witty, and pitiless (much like its namesake). This action-packed exploration of the nature and cost of revenge shines with Walker’s brilliant dialogue.

The Cast

  • Prashant Das as Victor
  • Kieron Higgs as Bernardo
  • Ashley King as Julia
  • Kylira as Mathilda
  • Kyle Remington as Verezzi
  • Stefan Verveniotis as Zastrozzi

The Production Team

  • Director: Matt Walsh
  • Producer: Rebecca Balaz
  • Stage Manager: Stephanie Ozon
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Bev Sauer, Katherine Schill
  • Fight Choreographer: Nick Oddson
  • Assistant Fight Choreographer: James Noble
  • Technical Director: Michael L. Davenport
  • Costumer: Sheila Kraehling
Top row, L to R: Katherine Schill, Stephanie Ozon, Ashley King, Kieron Higgs, Kylira, Bev Sauer, Rebecca Balaz, Sheila Kraehling. Bottom row, L to R: Michael L. Davenport, Rachel Conway, Prashant Das, Kyle Remington, Stefan Verveniotis, Matt Walsh. Photo credit: Josh Hoey.