Summer Play Workshopping Series

Three short plays by a local playwright

Written by Derek Czajkowski
Directed by Amy MacDonald

Auditions: July 23, 2023
Performance: August 19, 2023

This summer KWLT is offering a bite-sized theatre experience: we’ve got three short plays by local playwright Derek Czajkowski that we’re workshopping for a month, with the final results being presented as staged readings for one night only on August 19th at our theatre.

About the creative team

Derek Czajkowski is a local playwright, fiction writer, and essayist who recently returned from overseas. His plays have seen staged readings at The Registry and the Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts. He’s enjoying being back in KW and the opportunity to see his plays workshopped and staged

Amy MacDonald is a director, writer, and actor currently based in KW. A graduate of the Humber Comedy Writing & Performance program, she started participating in community theatre in 2009 and has since had the opportunity to direct and devise theatre in comedy, drama, and physical theatre. She’s excited to work with Derek to bring out the best in these three new comedies.

Simon Anthony is a recent graduate of WCI with an award for Highest Achievement in Dramatic Arts. With a background in Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dance and experience acting and directing in several WCI shows, he’s excited to join the group as Assistant Director and Stage Manager.

About the plays

Pub Night (4 actors, comedy): It is a truth universally acknowledged that lost, drunk, and stuck in a ditch is not the place a group of pub-goers want to be when they’re just trying to get home from a night at the pub.  

Confessional (4 actors, comedy): Father Merv and his brother, Dwayne, have some unresolved issues that may or may not get worked out one day during confession. It’s a sibling rivalry so bad that Jesus himself has to intervene.

Coffee (2 actors, dramedy): You’d think a regular working-class guy could buy a down on his luck white collar professional a Tim Horton’s coffee without it becoming a whole production. But, then, this is the theatre.