New Works Festival: the pieces

Here are the pieces scheduled for presentation at KWLT’s New Works Festival. For the purposes of the descriptions below, “short” is under 10 minutes, “long” is 30 minutes or more, and “medium” is between 10 and 30 minutes.

Andi’s Voicemail

Written by Mel Mah
Directed by Zivy Hardy
Short ☙ 1 actor (any age, any gender)
A phone leaves a voicemail for its person, who has recently gone through a breakup.

Are We Done Yet?

Written by Jackie Wray
Directed by Steven Elliott Jackson
Long ☙ 6 actors (4M, ages 20s–60s; 2F, ages 60s and 30s)
The Williams family gather every year to celebrate Thanksgiving. In 2019, things began to change. For the next three years, their family dynamics are tested. Can they navigate through the effects of the Pandemic when relationships become strained.

Blood Drive

Written by Derek Czajkowski
Directed by Josh Ashley
Medium ☙ 6 actors (1 male vampire, youngish – 30s – 40s; 1 female nurse, 50ish; 1 female blood donor, 20ish; 1 priest; 50ish/60ish, 1 male, 20s or older; 1 female, 20s or older)
A vampire figures it’s much easier to get his blood at a local blood drive than it is to hunt humans. He figures wrong.

The Burial of the Dead

Written by Derek Czajkowski
Directed by Josh Ashley
Medium ☙ 1 actor (Male, mid-40s or older)
A homeless man asks a priest to help him bury his junkie friend, whose body was found in a dumpster.

The Evil Snake Lady Will Ruin Your Life

Written by Caspian Stonehouse
Directed by Hanna Freitas
Long ☙ 4 actors (1M, 3F)
The Evil Snake Lady says she will ruin Josh’s life if he enters her territory, and yet, he does so anyway. A study on social dynamics and social exclusion with an unhappy ending.

I didn’t want to come here today

Written by Zivy Hardy
Director TBD
Short ☙ 1 actor (female-presenting, 35–65)
A woman talks to her counsellor about the loss of her mother

I Was a Tenured Professor, Until THIS Happened

Written by Morgan Anderson
Directed by Diana Lobb
Medium ☙ 1 actor (1F, age 45–55)
Dr. Laura Campbell has quit her job as a Literature professor in the wake of university budget cuts, and started a career as a YouTuber; this is why.

Mandatory Branded Fun

Written by Michael L. Davenport
Directed by Talia Dmitrienko
Medium ☙ Flexible casting

Old Friends

Written by Jackie Wray
Directed by Zivy Hardy
Short ☙ 1 actor (1F, age early 60s)
Jenny and Karen have known each other for over 50 years. Each of them have had very different life experiences. Jenny feels compelled to reveal a side of herself to Karen that no one knew.

Out of Ordar

Written by Timothy Finnigan
Directed by Matt Walsh
Long ☙ 4 actors (2M, 2F)
The night before they leave their hideout in the small town of Ordar to fix a recent mistake, two second-rate thieves get a surprise when their recent mistake just happens to show up.

Towering Expectations

Written by R. Conway
Directed by Josh Brach
Long ☙ 3 actors (1 male-coded, 20s–30s; 1 female-coded, 20s–30s; 1 flexible casting, all ages)
Dragons! Drama! Dick jokes! With a fairy’s guidance, part-time knight Jerome scales a tower in search of treasure. But the treasure has its own ideas about how things should go…

Waiting for Her to Come Back

Written by Shrijith Ramaswami
Directed by Rachael MacIntosh
Medium ☙ 1 actor
Reflective monologue on everyday struggles with emptiness, denial, and despair.


Written by Zivy Hardy
Directed by A. A. Dandy
Long ☙ 2 actors (female-presenting, ages between 20 and 55)
A friendship between two women, developing in their early twenties and progressing through their lives as they make choices which define them.

Why I, Spot, Am A Good Boy

Written and directed by Caspian Stonehouse
Short ☙ 1 youthful actor
A puppy eagerly explains why he loves his owner, but then you realise partway through that it’s actually the Spotify algorithm, not a puppy.

KWLT’s New Works Festival is supported by the Musagetes Fund held at Waterloo Region Community Foundation.