The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet: a cyberpunk story

The Ancient Grudge Continues to Destroy Their Future

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Jonathan C. Dietrich

Auditions: August 25–27, 2024
Performances: November 22–December 8, 2024

In the dangerous neon lit streets, two young lovers, from fiercely rival corporate families, rely on the aid of the Holy AI in an attempt to elope. Grey streets, skyscrapers, neon signs, cybernetics, punk fashion, motorcycles, powered swords, and even an AI: Romeo & Juliet in a cyberpunk setting.

Content warnings: flashing lights & images, violence (swordplay, brawling), sounds of gunfire, death, blood (ribbons), emotional abuse, suicide

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If you are interested in helping out with any of the following roles, please contact the director:

  • Head Costumer
  • Assistant Costumers
  • Head Carpenter
  • Assistant Carpenters
  • Set Painters
  • Backstage Crew
  • Audition Wranglers

NOTE: If you are interested in helping, but are concerned about lack of experience, know this: at KWLT “we pride ourselves as being an entry point to theatre experience“.

Everyone has a first time in a position, and there are people who will not only be willing, but excited to show you the ropes.

To follow along with the creative process of putting the show together, follow our blog at Also available on Mastodon!

Part of KWLT’s 2024–2025 season