Our library

One of the services we offer to our members is the use of our library! Located in the lobby of our theatre, the library has a variety of theatre texts, from scripts and plays to texts filled with theatre knowledge and history. We’re working on building a nicer interface for the catalogue to host on our website; in the meantime you can check out our catalogue here.

Want to borrow a book? Email library@kwlt.org with the title and author/editor along with your membership number to reserve the text and arrange a pick-up time with one of our librarians — “curbside” pick-up is available at the theatre on Princess Street. This is a service for members of the theatre; if you’re not a member yet, then contact the Membership Director to join.

Donations: As a little theatre and a not-for-profit, we cannot guarantee the quality of the texts and we ask that any book borrowers handle our texts with care. This means many of our texts hold intriguing thought points from previous owners, highlights from previous actors, thank you notes to directors, and dog-eared pages. This also means we will take texts in any condition – that’s right, we accept donations, with highlights, mark-ups, blocking notes and all! Have a script, play, or theatre-based text that no longer brings you joy? We’ll add it to our catalogue and bring its joy to others! Email library@kwlt.org to let us know you’d like to donate texts and to arrange a drop-off time with one of our librarians at the theatre.