March Madness 2022

Saturday March 5th, 2022

KWLT’s ultimate theatrical competition is back in the Black Box

The idea is simple: multiple production teams get a single short script on a Friday night. They jointly audition actors the next day, and then they have a week to put their shows together. The next Saturday night they present their shows to the world — or at least the audience, who votes for their favourite. And an adjudicator gives feedback on their choices and presents special awards for outstanding moments.

The idea is simple. The results are often very, very weird. Welcome to March Madness, KWLT-style.

This is the ninth year for our March Madness event. In 2020, March Madness was the last show we ran in the theatre before everything shut down; last year we experimented with the form by turning it into a challenge of writing and video dubbing. This year we’re back to our roots: teams will get a script and a week, and they’ll perform in the theatre space.

At the same time, there’s still a pandemic out there. We won’t have a live audience in the space: instead, teams will come to the theatre to have their performances recorded during the day of the event, and the show will be live-streamed in the evening. Auditions were held online rather than in person.

For more about the show, check out the event page.