The Tragedy of Mariam

Written by Elizabeth Carey and directed by Diana Lobb, The Tragedy of Mariam tells the story of the death of Mariam, the second wife of Herod the Great, the King of Palestine from 39-4 BC.

The play opens with news of Herod’s death. Seizing the opportunity of Herod’s demise, his friends and family engage in a series of illicit affairs and intrigues. Mariam, most importantly, admits she never loved Herod.  To the surprise of the characters, Herod is alive and returns. Herod’s sister, Salome, plots to get rid of Mariam by spreading rumours of her unfaithfulness.  Herod believes his sister’s lies and orders Mariam’s execution. After her death, he realizes he has been deceived and is left with eternal regret and remorse.

KWLT’s audio version of this Tudor-era closet drama premiered on Midtown Radio in November of 2020.

Production team

  • Director: Diana Lobb
  • Stage Manager: Katherine Schill
  • Audio Technician: Alex McVittie


  • Herod, King of JudeaReader of the Argument: Alex Kanarek
  • Doris, his first wife: Denise Gismondi
  • Mariam, his second wife: Amy Sensenstein
  • Salome, Herod’s sister: Bobby Robert
  • Antipater, his son by DorisChorus: Sophie Twardus
  • Alexandra, Mariam’s motherChorus: Lynne McIntee
  • Silleus, Prince of ArabiaButler: Minhung Ling
  • Constabarus, husband to Salome: Joe Gull
  • Pheroras, Herod’s brotherNuntio: Ian Steele
  • Graphina, Pheroras’s loveChorus: Mariah Martin Shein
  • Baba’s first sonChorus: Oriana Marilla Abrahamse
  • Baba’s second sonChorus: Kirsty Federico
  • Sohemus, a counsellor to HerodAnanell, the High Priest: Kevin S. Magri