Reminder for [title of show] auditions!

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The audition days for [title of show] are coming up fast! Monday through Wednesday next week from 7 to 10 PM you have your chance to audition for [title of show]!

There are four roles available (two male, two female). All cast members must be 18 as of the readthrough (Sunday, March 22, 2015)

You may be asked to attend a callback audition on Friday, March 20th.

For more details on the audition requirements please click here to view the event page.


Auditions: Hamlet

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Written by Shakespeare
Directed by Jim Hill

NOTE: Location address updated to the CEI studio space, rather than their admin office.

Suicide, incest, murder, guilt, grief, mortality and unrequited love; Hamlet is poem unlimited. Neither constrained by time nor the tropes of tragedy, Hamlet has evolved into secular scripture, and in it can be found all these things and more. Need it be constrained as well by gender roles? Women have played the title role before, but never have they played Hamlet as a young woman. What if Ophelia were male? Polonius an old woman? Gertrude a fickle man, and Claudius a scheming adulterous female? Would we feel differently about the characters? Would it change our preconceptions? In this production you will see and experience a familiar story in a brand new light. It’s Hamlet, reversed.