Auditions for “Falling: A Wake”

Written by Gary Kirkham
Directed by Dani Rosenbaum

Falling: A Wake is the story of Harold and Elsie, a couple in their 50s living on a farm in a small, isolated town. One autumn night, a plane explodes in the sky above their home and litters their field with debris, including the body of a young man, still strapped in his airplane seat. Elsie insists on keeping vigil at the boy’s side, while Harold focuses on keeping Elsie comfortable through the cold night. Harold and Elsie are profoundly affected by the presence of the boy, and as the story unfolds, they each explore their own feelings of loss and love, and contemplate the nature of the soul.  The play grapples with themes of grief, loss, and acceptance, while also providing moments of humour and lightness.

Auditions will take place March 28–30, 7:00–9:30pm at KWLT (9 Princess Street East in Waterloo). Your audition will likely take 10-15 minutes. There will likely be callback auditions on March 31.

Actors do not need to prepare a monologue. We will ask actors to read a selection from the script which will be provided at the time of your audition. If you would like to request a copy of the sides in advance of the audition, please email Actors auditioning for the role of The Boy will not be required to read; we’ll ask a few questions and have a brief discussion of expectations around the role.

For more information about the characters, the auditions, and the rehearsal process please see our information sheet. We encourage you to sign up for an audition slot in advance — even if you can’t commit to a particular time, filling out the form will save you time at auditions.

Auditions: March Madness 2022

The ninth edition of KWLT’s annual theatrical competition is coming up soon. We’re looking for performers to fill out the teams — if you’re interested in acting in a show with only a week of rehearsal, then March Madness might be right for you!

Here’s how it works: Two or more production teams will get a script on a Friday night — the same script. They’ll audition actors and select their casts the next day, then a week later it’s showtime. You’ll be performing on our stage but without a live audience, because COVID; instead we’ll be recording your show on video to share with the world that evening in a livestream event.

Auditions will be held online on February 26th, 12-4pm. We invite you to come prepared with a short (30 second) monologue — if you don’t have one, we can supply you with one. Be prepared to take direction, possibly in many directions. Experience is not necessary: at KWLT we welcome actors of any level of experience.

Intrigued? Fill out our sign up form and we’ll see you on the 26th! Feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

Auditions: The Devil’s Disciple

KWLT’s next Black Box Radio production is The Devil’s Disciple, written by G. B. Shaw and directed by Joe Gull.

Set during the American Revolutionary War, The Devil’s Disciple follows Richard ‘Dick’ Dudgeon, the rakish reprobate of the play’s title who finds himself an unlikely hero. In Websterbridge, New Hampshire, Richard’s wild ways contrast sharply with the Puritanical piety of the townspeople; his family disowns him and his mother curses him. Only Anthony Anderson, the affable, open-minded Presbyterian minister, welcomes Richard into his home, much to his wife Judith’s disapproval. When British soldiers arrive to arrest the clergyman, Richard finds himself willingly taking Anderson’s place at the gallows. To his — and everyone else’s — surprise, the “Devil’s Disciple” may have a hero in him yet. The Devil’s Disciple was Shaw’s first major theatrical success; filled with Shaw’s classic wit and paradoxical characters, the play continues to amuse, provoke, and surprise audiences over a hundred years later.

Auditions: Auditions will be held online On June 25 (7-9pm), 26 (2-4pm), and 27 (10-11:30am) — please sign up in advance and we’ll send you a link. Actors will do cold reads from the play; it is not necessarily to prepare a monologue.

Rehearsals: Rehearsals will be held On Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons through July, August, and September.

Characters: Three leading roles (2M 1F), eight supporting (6M 2F), two minor (2M). Character descriptions are available here.

Call for auditions and production volunteers

KWLT is preparing for an exciting project soon to be announced. We are seeking interested volunteers today to fill the following roles:

Technical Director
Audio technician
Video Editor
Video technician

And a cast of Characters. This project will be heavily improvised and requires an ensemble cast to play multiple roles. Auditions will be held the evenings of Jan 5th,6th, and 7th. Auditions will be 45min long, in groups of six and require no preparation. Just bring yourself. The Production will be actively produced/released all 5 weeks of March. 2-3 min Pre-recorded auditions will be accepted in lieu of a group audition up until Jan 7th.

For more information, contact:

Go to to book your audition!