Cast Profiles: the Narrators

Shaw’s script for The Devil’s Disciple includes long passages of commentary as part of the stage directions. He gives not just what the locales of the play look like, but what those features mean in their historical contexts; not just the costumes and actions of some of the characters, but deeper background about why they are the way they are. In an audio adaptation we would typically lose all of that information; to preserve it, the director decided to cast a pair of actors to read those notes as narration. Let’s meet them!

Kirsty Federico (British narrator) is delighted to continue acting with KWLT in The Devil’s Disciple as one of the narrators. Since joining KWLT, Kirsty has appeared in several productions: most recently as an ensemble member in All Around the Square. Of course, a great big thank you to my friends and family for continuing to support my participation in KWLT. Thank you to the cast and crew of The Devil’s Disciple for being such a fun group! We hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Natasha Visosky (American narrator) is over the moon to be joining such a magnificent team for her first radio play. She is also enraptured at the opportunity to join such a tradition as this: of marvellous and mysterious plays that takes place inside so many various minds, taking so many various forms, enlivening imaginations with the enchantment of youth and of a pre-digital age. She is passionate about exploring alternative ways of knowing in the theatre, whether classic or cutting edge. Here, we restore the bygone talent of stillness and extended spans of attention. She hopes we keep yours, and that you enjoy the show.

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