Cast profiles: Websterbridge

Photos of four cast members for "The Devil's Disciple"

“The Devil’s Disciple” is set in Websterbridge, New Hampshire; aside from the Dudgeons, the townsfolk we meet are largely divines and professionals. Let’s meet the actors playing them.

Lauren Kallan (Judith Anderson) is excited to be performing in her first leading role as Judith Anderson in ”The Devil’s Disciple”. A lifelong dancer and passionate advocate for the performing arts in education, she is looking forward to contributing to KWLT’s arts programming. Lauren would like to thank all of the cast and crew for their encouragement and warm welcome to the world of community theatre. She is also profoundly grateful to director Joe Gull and his faith in her. Lauren dedicates her performance this season to her daughter Aubrey.

Matt Walsh (Anthony Anderson) has been closely involved with KWLT for quite a few years, but this is his first major role in a production on stage, so to speak. He was previously a voice on the television in 2019’s “The December Man (l’homme de Décembre)” as well as being the show’s producer, and served as technical director for “Problem Child” & “Criminal Genius” earlier that year. He currently holds a ludicrous number of offices in the theatre; outside of KWLT he teaches math online for Purdue University Fort Wayne.

Joshua Jones (Chaplain Brudenell) is thrilled to be involved in “The Devil’s Disciple”. Joshua is a novice actor but has always found the theatre fascinating. He looks forward to stretching boundaries and pushing the limits. Enjoy the show!

Min Ling (Lawyer Hawkins) is thrilled to be involved with “The Devil’s Disciple”. You may recognize him as one of the voices from “The Tragedy of Mariam” or that foot that kicked down a door in “Criminal Genius”. He has also taken part in several other productions on and off stage, such as “The December Man (l’homme de Décembre)” and “Blood Relations”. He would like to thank his friends and family and childhood teddy bear for the support. Enjoy the show!

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