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The Registry Theatre

If you’ve looked at the excellent history page on our website, you’ll know that what we now call KWLT started at a meeting hosted in the DTK YMCA on February 24, 1935. Season number one kicked off in November 1935. Those of you good with all things maths will quickly figure out that February 2025 marks a very special milestone (90 years from the founding meeting) and fall 2025 marks the start of our 90th season. 

In February 2024, we’re kicking off the anniversary clock with the call for proposals for our 90th Anniversary Musical. We’re going big with this one: we’re renting the Registry Theatre to host the musical, which means we can accommodate much larger audiences (plus have a bigger stage and a green room that you can actually turn around in). We’re looking for a similarly big and exciting musical to take full advantage of the space, attract new people from across the community, and make sure new artists and audiences find and follow us back to 9 Princess for the 90th Season. 

In the fall, our intrepid VP put together an excellent proposal to fund this project. We were very fortunate to be awarded a sizeable grant; our Anniversary Musical is supported by the Arts Grants Fund, Fred and Dora Mae Blayney Fund, and Marion Woeller Community Arts Fund, all held at Waterloo Region Community Foundation. The goal of this funding is to allow us to expand our reach into the community and involve new people from underserved communities both as artists and patrons.

If you’re thinking of submitting a proposal for the 90th Anniversary Musical, please join us on February 7 for an online information session about what we’re looking for and what we expect from proposals and directors. If you can’t make it, you can still take a look at the (currently under construction) information night slides. The call for proposals is open until February 26th, so there’s lots of time to get your ideas together.

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