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Meet the characters: Ali Ababwa & Ali Hakim

Ali & Ali are the creative geniuses behind such Agrabanian hit shows as May the Blood of the Infidel Run Thick Through Streets of Our Enemies, which ran for seven seasons in Agrabanian prime time and earned Three Golden Goats! Some may suspect them of promoting terrorism, some may suspect them of plagiarism – their hit was based on the U.S. TV show 24, where Jack Bauer has 24 hours to torture 17 guys to save the free world.  They stayed very close to the 24 template.  Suspiciously close.

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Meet the characters: Sukhvinder (Suki) Dhaliwal

Suki is a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, acting on behalf of Immigration Canada who is investigating Ali & Ali under PEIU (The Provision for the Expulsion of Immigrant Undesirables Act).  As a modern law enforcement officer, she understands the importance of bureaucracy.

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