Meet the characters: Hong Kong Lee

1 role

Actor must identify as male or non-binary

Actor must identity as a person of colour

The second character we’ll be unveiling for KWLT’s production of Ali & Ali: The Deportation Hearings is Hong Kong Lee (aka Sun Hyung aka Paul). Hong Kong is Ali & Ali’s actor.  He plays many parts, including their defence in their deportation hearing.  In addition to being an actor, he has done some temping at a legal firm, has a minor in Agrabanian studies, and served with distinction as a Pi-con representative in mock Quorum of the Twelve gatherings as part of the Exodus Chronicles Re-enactment Society.

He has been infected with Ali & Ali’s passion for A Few Good Men.

If you know anyone who really gets passionate about the people and initiatives around them, and who’s willing to support their friends no matter how crazy things get, this may be the perfect role! Audition sign ups and more information can be found here.

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