Telephone Madness: Meet the Organizers

Telephone Madness organizers: Sophie Twardus, Mel Mah, and Michael L. Davenport

Whose are the twisted minds behind our Telephone Madness event? Let’s meet our organizers.

Sophie Twardus

Sophie is a KW native that learned French and Polish before ever learning English. This gave her an early start in opportunities for miscommunications. All her favourite board games are communications board games as they tend to be easy to teach but difficult to master. She helped create Telephone Madness as a desire to create space for people in the KWLT community to create and connect during the pandemic.  

Melinda Mah

Mel’s past involvement with KWLT includes: producing shows (Venus in Fur, What Happened in Vegas); assistant stage managing (Bat Boy: the Musical); and Front of House/Trivia Corner (Battle of the Bards). Her catchphrase is “I listened to a podcast episode about that!”. She is extremely good at Boggle — if you challenge her, you will lose. Mel finally gets her turn in the spotlight… of her monitor, running the livestream behind the scenes.

Michael L. Davenport

Davenport is one of the organizers for Telephone madness. As a lover of creative reinterpretation (KWLT’s March Madness wooooo!), he’s stoked you’re all here for this event. Davenport is also very excited to emcee a KWLT thing, because he thinks emceeing is one of the best jobs in the world. (People Are Different. 🤷‍♂️ )

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