Call for production teams: March Madness X

KWLT's March Madness logo against a background of a misty highway

March Madness returns to the theatre! KWLT is again running its annual script-interpretation challenge, wherein different production teams have one week to stage their interpretation of a deliberately vague script. This year we will be performing in-person in the theatre on Saturday, March 4th 2023 (and also live-streaming the event).

Are you interested in directing or stage-managing for a whirlwind one-week theatre commitment? Do you fancy a bit of friendly competition? Applications are open! We welcome you to apply as a team — a minimal team has a director and a stage manager, but you’re welcome to have more members (to help with tech, choreography, music, or anything else you might want).

We also welcome applications from individuals: if you’d like to take part but don’t have a team, please reach out and let us know how you’d like to participate: we’ll see about connecting you with a team that needs your skills.

To apply as a team or an individual, email us at before Monday, February 20th.

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