Call for nominations: The Golden Spring Award

The Golden Spring Award, consisting of a sofa spring that has been bronzed and affixed to a wooden plaque. The caption explains that the spring is from a sofa called "Goldie" that sat in the lobby of the theatre and was destroyed in the fire of 2002.

KWLT is now accepting nominations for the 2023 Golden Spring. This annual award honours exceptional contributions to the technical aspects of our productions from the 2022–2023 season.

“Technical aspects” include but are not limited to set design, set construction, costuming, prop construction, lighting design, sound design, stage management, and technical direction. Eligible productions for this year’s award are Ali & Ali: The Deportation Hearings, March Madness X, Zastrozzi, and Ordinary Days.

To nominate a volunteer for this award, send an email to the President and/or the Technical Manager with the following information:

  • The volunteer’s name
  • The production(s) in which they participated
  • A brief description of their role or involvement with the production, and why you feel that their contributions deserve this recognition

Nominations received by Friday, June 9th will receive full consideration.

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