2023 Annual General Meeting Review

Our lit but empty stage

Thanks to everybody who attended our 2023 Annual General Meeting and helped to make it a success. I wanted to share out a few announcements following the meeting:

New Board Members

New AGM, new board! I would like to warmly welcome our new board members:

  • Morgan Anderson
  • Gaya Bin Noon
  • Stephanie Keleher
  • Talia Dmitrienko

They will be joining myself, Rami Finkelshtein, Fred Brandenburg, Nadia Ursacki, Adrienne Dandy, Michael L. Davenport, Mel Mah, and Katherine Schill.

Over the next month or so, we will hold orientation and our first meeting, where new roles will be assigned (and you’ll have a new President writing these!).


As we do (almost) every year, we recognized a few stand-out volunteers by giving them awards.

Our Golden Spring Award is awarded to a person who goes above and beyond behind-the-scenes of a production. Our nominees this year were:

  • Cameron Slipp for great lights & tech for Ordinary Days
  • Michael L. Davenport for his excellent technical contributions to each show & always helping with build and strike
  • Stephanie Ozon for her “twin roles as organizer-in-chief and sunshine pumper for the production” which kept Zastrozzi running smoothly
  • Tristan Olenewa for going above and beyond in his contributions to March Madness

Our winner was Tristan Olenewa! Congrats to Tristan!

Our President’s Award is awarded to a person who exemplifies volunteerism at the theatre outside of productions. Our nominees this year were:

  • Matt Walsh for his active role on both the building & communications committee this year, and his excellent work as Bar Manager
  • Nadia Ursacki for going above and beyond in supporting our Technical Manager and keeping tech running smoothly
  • Stefan Verveniotis for his active role in the building committee, helping to lead several clean-up initiatives

Our winner was Stefan Verveniotis! Congrats to Stefan!


A big highlight of the last year was the successes of our various committees. Our current active committees are:

  • Show Support
  • Building
  • Communications
  • Documentation
  • Social
  • Artistic Steering

And they are recruiting! Join a committee today by joining our Slack and hopping into one of their channels!

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