Opportunity: Directing & workshopping

Our lit but empty stage

Local playwright Derek Czajkowski is looking for a director to workshop one of his scripts. You will have your choice among four comedic scripts, then actors will be recruited to work with you & Derek.

Workshops will be on July 29, August 12, and August 19, with a staged reading to follow the final workshop on August 19.

If interested, reach out to Adrienne Dandy: adrienne.dandy@kwlt.org or via Slack. Applications are due on July 4, 2023.

Information about the plays

Blood Drive (4 actors, comedy): If you’re a vampire in the big city, is there a better place for a quick snack than the blood drive at a hospital? Maybe, if it were any other blood drive.  But this vampire didn’t count on Nurse Louise.

Pub Night (4 actors, comedy): It is a truth universally acknowledged that lost, drunk, and stuck in a ditch is not the place a group of pub-goers want to be when they’re just trying to get home from a night at the pub.

Confessional (4 actors, comedy): Father Merv and his brother, Dwayne, have some unresolved issues that may or may not get worked out one day during confession. It’s a sibling rivalry so bad that Jesus himself has to intervene.

Coffee (2 actors, dramedy): You’d think a regular working-class guy could buy a down on his luck white collar professional a Tim Horton’s coffee without it becoming a whole production. But, then, this is the theatre.

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