All Around the Square

All Around the Square is an improvisational soap opera, produced by KWLT and presented in concert with Create Waterloo.

Starting on Wednesday March 10th, each week in March will see a new episode of this satirical exploration of the life and times of the City of Waterloo. The episodes are based on the “Harold” long-form improv style, with characters established in earlier scenes recurring in later ones (and later episodes). Following each episode release, the team invites our audience to take to social media with the #kwltimprov hashtag and suggest seeds for the next episode: single words and short phrases are best.

Episodes will be available as videos on IGTV through Create Waterloo and in audio form wherever you get your podcasts. Here’s a sneak preview for you.

More information:

March 24
11:00 am — 12:00 pm

See it!

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