March Madness X

KWLT’s ultimate theatrical competition
Back for its tenth year

Auditions: February 25, 2023
Performance: March 4, 2023

The idea is simple: one script, multiple visions, one night only. We give 2–4 production teams the same short script and one week to prepare: find a vision for the script, audition and cast their actors, rehearse the play and bring their vision to life. At the end of the week, the various versions take the stage back to back for a single performance; an adjudicator gives feedback and awards, and the audience votes on their favourite.

The idea is simple. The results are… unpredictable. Welcome to KWLT’s March Madness.

This year: live and in person again

After the last two editions of March Madness being streaming-only, we’re happy to be back in the Black Box and in front of a live audience again. We’re not just going back to How It Was, though — we’ve learned a few things since 2020 and we’ll be folding in a few changes to the March Madness Classic Experience that you’ll remember from the Before Times.

Coming soon: call for scripts!

The March Madness Organizing Committee is will be accepting script submissions for the 2023 event in the near future. A good March Madness script is a bit unusual; here’s what we’ll be looking for.

  • It’s short. The ideal runtime for a March Madness script is 10-15 minutes.
  • It’s small. We’d like to see scripts with 2–4 characters.
  • It’s open to interpretation. We want to give our teams maximum scope for creative decisions, and having as few constraints written into the script as possible helps that. Settings should be generic; characters should be ungendered (or open to gender shifts); stage directions should be omitted.

The author of the selected script will receive an honorarium and will be invited to join us at the event for a talk-back session. We’ll have more information soon about the submission process; scripts will be due in January, so you’ve got some time to get writing!

Volunteer opportunity: Join the organizing team

The March Madness organizing committee is welcoming new members to join us to plan this year’s event. The committee’s tasks include:

  • Soliciting and selecting the script for the event
  • Finding an adjudicator
  • Recruiting production teams and actors for the event
  • Ensuring that the event is staffed appropriately
  • Creating publicity materials
  • Deciding the competition’s rules

Serving on the committee can be distinct from playing a role on the event staff (i.e. production manager, technical manager, master of ceremonies, etc.) although historically the groups have overlapped heavily.

If you’re interested in joining the organizing committee (or would like to volunteer to be part of the event staff) then contact Adrienne Dandy by email. Note that members of the organizing committee are not typically allowed to participate as part of a production team, including as an actor.