Pandemic Projects

Like every other Canadian theatre, we’ve largely been closed for business this past year and more. But the KWLT community has kept on coming together to make art happen. Here’s a few of the things that we’ve been doing during these COVID times.

The Tragedy of Mariam

Our first Black Box Radio project was an audio rendition of Elizabeth Carey’s “The Tragedy of Mariam”, a Tudor-era closet drama. Directed by Diana Lobb, the show made its debut on Midtown Radio in November of 2020.

All Around the Square

Presented in partnership with Create Waterloo and the City of Waterloo, this improvised soap opera series explored the lives and loves of some typical (and not-so-typical) Waterloo denizens.

March Madness logo 2021

March Madness 2021

We weren’t going to let a pandemic stop our 8th annual theatrical competition! This year the teams were given a short silent video to back with audio: dialogue, effects, and soundtrack. The results were pretty wild.

Logo for KWLT's Black Box Radio project

Black Box Radio Workshops

In 2021 we’ve been hosting a series of workshops looking at the skills of audio drama from a variety of roles and perspectives.

Flash Madness

A weekend workshop and tech jam. This was a spiritual successor to our online March Madness in 2021, and gave birth in turn to our Telephone Madness event.

The Devil’s Disciple

Written by G. B. Shaw, adapted for audio & directed by Joe Gull. This audio production of Shaw’s first major theatrical success is available to stream through November 27th, with tickets by donation.

Telephone Madness

An audio-visual miscommunication game! For six weeks participants trade files around, building audio to match silent video or video to match an audio track. Then at the end we see how far away we’ve gotten from the starting point.