The Devil’s Disciple

Written by George Bernard Shaw
Adapted and Directed by Joe Gull
A Black Box Radio production

Set during the American Revolutionary War, The Devil’s Disciplefollows Richard ‘Dick’ Dudgeon, the rakish reprobate of the play’s title who finds himself an unlikely hero. In Websterbridge, New Hampshire, Richard’s wild ways contrast sharply with the Puritanical piety of the townspeople; his family disowns him and his mother curses him. Only Anthony Anderson, the affable, open-minded Presbyterian minister, welcomes Richard into his home, much to his wife Judith’s disapproval. When British soldiers arrive to arrest the clergyman, Richard finds himself willingly taking Anderson’s place at the gallows. To his — and everyone else’s — surprise, the “Devil’s Disciple” may have a hero in him yet. The Devil’s Disciple was Shaw’s first major theatrical success; filled with Shaw’s classic wit and paradoxical characters, the play continues to amuse, provoke, and surprise audiences over a hundred years later.

KWLT’s audio production of The Devil’s Disciple was available to stream in November 2021.

Cast (in order of speech)

  • Natasha Visosky as the American Narrator
  • Kirsty Federico as the British Narrator
  • Katherine Taylor as Annie Dudgeon
  • Victoria Nagy as Essie
  • Charlie Griffith as Christy Dudgeon
  • Matt Walsh as Anthony Anderson
  • Lauren Kailan as Judith Anderson
  • Lenore Brooks as Winifred Dudgeon
  • Greg Allen as Richard Dudgeon
  • Min Ling as Lawyer Hawkins
  • Joseph Sebok as the Sergeant
  • Fred Brandenburg as General Burgoyne
  • TJ Pelkman as Major Swindon
  • Joshua Jones as Chaplain Brudenell

Production team

  • Joe Gull: Director
  • Monica Maika: Stage Manager
  • Rob Curwain: Technical Director

Livestream Q&A

On Saturday, November 20th on our YouTube channel we held a live Q&A session with cast and production team members from The Devil’s Disciple.

Publicity image for "The Devil's Disciple" at KWLT, featuring the Union Jack, the Betsy Ross flag, a wine bottle, and the comedy/tragedy masks.

Cast and crew profiles

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