KWLT’s 2023 Annual General Meeting

Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre welcomes all members and interested observers to the 2023 Annual General Meeting. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will unfortunately be moving our AGM online. The meeting proper starts at 7:30pm, we welcome attendees to sign on starting at 7pm.

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Bards Returns

Dust off your fancy clothes or your fancy pyjamas, because KWLT's Battle of the Bards will be streaming live from 9 Princess Street in a hybrid in-person and online event!

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KWLT’s 2022 Annual General Meeting

KWLT is running its Annual General Meeting for 2022 online again this year for obvious reasons. We’ll be recapping the year that was, handing out a few awards, and electing a new bunch of volunteers for our board.

We’re asking that any members who are planning to attend the AGM register here; we’ll be posting connection information closer to the event itself. 

If you had an active membership as of March 2020 or have joined since then, you’re still a member! The Membership Director will have sent an email near the beginning of May regarding your new expiry date. 

If your membership is expiring at the end of June 2022 or had expired before March 2020 and you want to renew OR you need to purchase brand new membership you can do so while registering for the AGM.

If your membership doesn’t expire until June 2023 and you are interested in supporting KWLT, we encourage you to make a donation rather than renew a non-expired membership.

Unsure of your KWLT Membership status? Contact the Membership Director.

Bards at Home 3: The BA.3 Variant

Pull up a couch, or maybe even a deck chair! Grab some refreshments from your kitchen, because a showcase of Bards is returning to a computer monitor near you. We’re collecting a third Bards variant to entertain you remotely.

As it did in 2021, our show will be coming to you live from secret locations around the Waterloo Region and beyond. You can watch the show here or on our YouTube channel for the full experience.

Auditions: March Madness 2022

The ninth edition of KWLT’s annual theatrical competition is coming up soon. We’re looking for performers to fill out the teams — if you’re interested in acting in a show with only a week of rehearsal, then March Madness might be right for you!

Here’s how it works: Two or more production teams will get a script on a Friday night — the same script. They’ll audition actors and select their casts the next day, then a week later it’s showtime. You’ll be performing on our stage but without a live audience, because COVID; instead we’ll be recording your show on video to share with the world that evening in a livestream event.

Auditions will be held online on February 26th, 12-4pm. We invite you to come prepared with a short (30 second) monologue — if you don’t have one, we can supply you with one. Be prepared to take direction, possibly in many directions. Experience is not necessary: at KWLT we welcome actors of any level of experience.

Intrigued? Fill out our sign up form and we’ll see you on the 26th! Feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

Telephone Madness showcase

In October a few intrepid AV explorers started a game. Every week, each one received half of a video — either the aural or the visual component — and had to fill in the missing part. Then their newly-created part was passed along to another participant to do the same. On December 4th, we’ll get to follow the video sequences from beginning to end and see how far things drifted away from where they started.

This event will be livestreamed on KWLT’s YouTube channel.

Does this seem confusing? Here’s a quick explainer that might help.