Play proposal info session

KWLT is now accepting proposals for the 2024–25 Main Stage season! If you're interested in pitching a show and would like to find out more — about the process, or about what we're looking for — then we invite you to attend this online information session.

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KWLT’s 2023 Annual General Meeting

Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre welcomes all members and interested observers to the 2023 Annual General Meeting. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will unfortunately be moving our AGM online. The meeting proper starts at 7:30pm, we welcome attendees to sign on starting at 7pm.

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KWLT’s 2022 Annual General Meeting

KWLT is running its Annual General Meeting for 2022 online again this year for obvious reasons. We’ll be recapping the year that was, handing out a few awards, and electing a new bunch of volunteers for our board.

We’re asking that any members who are planning to attend the AGM register here; we’ll be posting connection information closer to the event itself. 

If you had an active membership as of March 2020 or have joined since then, you’re still a member! The Membership Director will have sent an email near the beginning of May regarding your new expiry date. 

If your membership is expiring at the end of June 2022 or had expired before March 2020 and you want to renew OR you need to purchase brand new membership you can do so while registering for the AGM.

If your membership doesn’t expire until June 2023 and you are interested in supporting KWLT, we encourage you to make a donation rather than renew a non-expired membership.

Unsure of your KWLT Membership status? Contact the Membership Director.

KWLT’s Garage Sale

The Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre is long overdue for a dusting-out!  We’ve taken the opportunity of the ’extended break between seasons’ this year to climb up into our corners and take stock of all of the various many things™ that we’ve accumulated over the years.  And what an interesting amalgamation of things™ it is!  We have construction materials and tools left over from the rebuild of the theatre after the fire, we have technical equipment for lighting and audio, we have holiday and party supplies, and we even have some camping equipment and teacher/classroom supplies!  So we’ve decided to hold our first ever once-a-decade (decennial) garage sale!

The gory details:

  • Only one customer will be allowed in the building at a time.
  • For COVID safety you will have to wear a mask the entire time you are in line (if there is one) or in the building (there will definitely be a building).  If this is a “can’t” problem for you, please send a proxy who can; if this is a “won’t” problem for you, please feel free to not participate.
  • The path through the building will be one-directional: in via the back door (through the 25 Regina St. North parking lot), through the black box and out through the fire exit. There will be no access to the green room nor the lobby.
  • We’ll have our Square terminal set up, but because of the fees involved if your total is less than $5 then you’ll have to pay in coins.  Because of COVID we won’t be breaking bills.  Please bring loonies and toonies if you have your eye on just one or two little things.

You can find the list of available items here; please feel free to peruse beforehand. We’ll be spotlighting some of the available items on social media leading up to the event itself.

2021 Annual General Meeting

KWLT will be holding its Annual General Meeting for 2021 on June 29th online.

Our AGM is when we look at what KWLT’s been up to for the last year: we’ll review our productions and other activities, take a look at our financials, and recognize our volunteers and their efforts. This is also when we elect members to our board of directors.

We welcome all members of KWLT to our AGM; if you’re not a member but would like to become one we can help you with that as well. Register for the meeting here.

Here’s the link for the meeting, which starts at 7pm on June 29th. If you haven’t signed up in EventBrite, your admission might be slightly delayed as we review your membership status.

Black Box Radio Workshop #2: Producing and Performing for Audio

While it bears many similarities to both theatre and film, audio drama is a distinct art form with its own history, tools, and procedures.

In this wide-ranging session, Eduardo Soto-Falcon of Pilgrim Falcon Productions will discuss the history and current relevance of audio fiction and talk through the process of bringing an audio project to life.

From auditions to voice care, recording venues to equipment, and script writing to distribution, this workshop will have something for everyone — if you’re interested in any aspect of audio work, come join us!

Eduardo is a filmmaker and screenwriter experienced in sound design, recording and editing. His short films have been screened at 30 festivals around the world and broadcast on TV in Latin America, the USA and Quebec. In the last few years, Eduardo has garnered 7 awards and over 60 placements at screenwriting competitions with feature film screenplays and TV pilots.

Eduardo’s focus shifted in 2018 towards fiction podcast / audio drama production, attending relevant conferences and workshops in the USA, investing in sound recording equipment, and adapting some of his film scripts for audio. Eduardo’s first attempt at audio storytelling was the experimental short play “Dad’s Ashes” which has been showcased at radio drama and audio arts festivals in the USA and UK, and is available on most podcast providers. His next production was the full-cast audiobook “Another Snow White”, available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. His latest project, the audio drama series “Y2K Redux” was conceived directly for audio and received financial support from the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund to produce the first three episodes. This work is available on several podcast providers and will hopefully represent Canada at audio arts festivals in 2021.

This session is free for members of KWLT, $5 for non-members.

Unsure of your KWLT membership status? Email the Membership Director.

Battle of the Bards is back!

Make some snacks and pour a glass of whatever you’d like, because Bards is coming to a screen near you! We’re back to wish you a happy New Year and a friendly evening with distant friends.

Our show will be coming to you live from secret locations around the Waterloo Region… and beyond! We already have a lineup prepared for you, so all that’s left is for you to make yourself comfortable in front of a screen and share in the company of your fellow KWLTers. You can watch the show here or get the full interactive experience on YouTube.

Black Box Radio Workshops

Q & A with Graham Yeates

How is voice acting different from acting for the stage? What are some key skills for a voice actor to learn? On January 9th we’ll be hosting a live online Q&A with voiceover actor and long-time KWLTer Graham Yeates. This session is free for members of KWLT, $5 for non-members.

Go to to book your place.

Black Box Radio Workshops

How is voice acting different from acting for the stage? What are some key skills for a voice actor to learn? On January 9th we’ll be hosting a live online Q&A with voiceover actor and long-time KWLTer Graham Yeates. This session is free for members of KWLT, $5 for non-members.

Go to to book your spot today!

Call for auditions and production volunteers

KWLT is preparing for an exciting project soon to be announced. We are seeking interested volunteers today to fill the following roles:

Technical Director
Audio technician
Video Editor
Video technician

And a cast of Characters. This project will be heavily improvised and requires an ensemble cast to play multiple roles. Auditions will be held the evenings of Jan 5th,6th, and 7th. Auditions will be 45min long, in groups of six and require no preparation. Just bring yourself. The Production will be actively produced/released all 5 weeks of March. 2-3 min Pre-recorded auditions will be accepted in lieu of a group audition up until Jan 7th.

For more information, contact:

Go to to book your audition!