Studio Shows

Telephone Madness showcase

In October a few intrepid AV explorers started a game. Every week, each one received half of a video — either the aural or the visual component — and had to fill in the missing part. Then their newly-created part was passed along to another participant to do the same. On December 4th, we’ll get to follow the video sequences from beginning to end and see how far things drifted away from where they started.

This event will be livestreamed on KWLT’s YouTube channel.

Does this seem confusing? Here’s a quick explainer that might help.

Bards at Home 2

Pull up a couch and grab some refreshments because a showcase of Bards is coming to a computer monitor near you. We’re pulling together an Official “Bards At Home” Order to keep you company during this Official Stay At Home Order, coming your way at the end of this month!

As in January, our show will be coming to you live from secret locations around the Waterloo Region and beyond. We have some Bards already lined up, but a few spots are available; if you’d like to apply, send us an email at

You’ll be able to watch the show here, or head on over to our YouTube channel for the full experience. (And don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!)

March Madness 2021

KWLT’s ultimate theatrical competition is back, and this time it’s mad! And by “mad” we mean “online”.

In response to These Times, March Madness is reinventing itself. Teams will be given a short silent film, and they’ll have two weeks to decide what it’s about and provide an audio track: dialogue, effects, even music. They’ll audition their actors the day after they get the footage, and then it’s on!

The March Madness event will be run entirely online, but will look pretty familiar: we’ll screen the films, the filmmaking team will chat about their process, and then the adjudicator will tell us all what they think.

This event is presented entirely for free (but donations are welcome). When the time comes you’ll find the live stream on our YouTube channel.

Battle of the Bards is back!

Make some snacks and pour a glass of whatever you’d like, because Bards is coming to a screen near you! We’re back to wish you a happy New Year and a friendly evening with distant friends.

Our show will be coming to you live from secret locations around the Waterloo Region… and beyond! We already have a lineup prepared for you, so all that’s left is for you to make yourself comfortable in front of a screen and share in the company of your fellow KWLTers. You can watch the show here or get the full interactive experience on YouTube.