February Board Meeting Recap

Our lit but empty stage

We decided that our AGM will be on Tuesday, June 28th – save the date!

We had a lengthy discussion on how to handle memberships extended through the pandemic now that we are about to enter our first season back. We will have an official announcement of the decision and what it means for your membership expiry next month!

We discussed a draft of our budget for the next financial year, which will be approved in our March meeting.

We approved our next season! Stay tuned for our official announcement within the next few months 🙂

In light of the government lifting vaccination and capacity restrictions, we discussed whether we wanted to continue enforcing these restrictions for ourselves. We are in a good position at the moment where we don’t have much upcoming of our own events, so we have opted to revisit the question at a later date. For now, to participate in KWLT events, you will still need to be fully vaccinated, and we will continue to discuss and revise as appropriate.

  • What this means for Falling: A Wake auditions – you will need to be fully vaccinated to be cast.
  • We opted to lift the restrictions for people renting our space, as we cannot feasibly enforce the restrictions on our renters.

Similar to the above, we discussed whether or not we might want to specify a subset of show nights to have higher restrictions (e.g. require vaccinations & masks on certain nights but allow other nights to be more open), to accommodate those in our membership who might feel more comfortable. We didn’t make a decision on this, since our next shows aren’t until June, but it is something we’re considering. If this is something you’d be interested in, please either email me or let us know anonymously via this form.

We discussed support for FASS, an organization we’ve historically had close ties with who is going through some challenging times. We didn’t make any decisions, but are open to talking to FASS about what their needs are and how we might support them.

We looked at a few quotes for upgrading our internet service at the theatre, and expect to make a decision on this at the March board meeting.

We discussed our struggles with the front walkway being icy as well as some struggles with a crack in our foundation, and directed the Building Manager to address them.

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