January Board Meeting Recap

Our lit but empty stage

We approved a revised version of our Privacy Policy, which is more up-to-date with current practices and technology

We decided we would possibly defer Ali & Ali to the start of next season (pending the Artistic Director and Artistic Steering Committee’s approval) instead of trying to find a time for it before September. A possible alternative that we considered was at the end of July, but would interfere with a rental opportunity representing a significant portion of our rentals revenue for the year. We resolved to pick new dates ASAP before the next board meeting.

We talked through some questions we had received from WODL regarding a 2023 festival. We decided we would not be interested in adjudication or a festival in that year, so that we can focus entirely on ourselves for our first season since COVID.

We discussed options for internet service at the theatre, which has been problematic for a while. We decided we’d like to investigate finding a new ISP and improving our speeds and stability to support streaming use cases.

We discussed how much we’d like to spend on fixing our shed. While we didn’t land on a specific number, we gave additional guidance to our Carpentry Manager to help produce a budget.

There were a number of shout-outs, mostly to Matt Walsh. We were also thankful to whomever passed by our sidewalk with a snowblower following the big storm January 17; Nadia’s mom for helping with the booth work; Monica for being quick with emails; and, Nadia for answering questions from Davenport.

The booth reconstruction is nearly complete! There are a few finishing touches but both the sound and lighting booth could be technically usable any time (…given a little notice). We expect first use to be by a renter on February 25.

Our Carpentry Manager, Ahrar, has patched holes in the shed and is planning more thorough repairs in the next few months.

Our Librarians have been hard at work cataloguing and organizing our stock of plays and books. Look out for more about this soon!

Our Workshops Coordinator is exploring doing a lighting workshop and sound workshop, but scheduling for these will be dependent on the state of COVID.

We have a crack in our foundation that needs to be fixed. We’re trying to find a contractor who can fix it – if you have any leads, please send them to me at president@kwlt.org.

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