Call for scripts: March Madness 2024

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March Madness is coming! KWLT’s ultimate theatrical competition pits rival production teams against each other, each putting their own unique spin on the same short script in back-to-back performances.

And that script? Could be yours.

The March Madness organizing committee is now accepting submissions for scripts for March Madness 2024. The selected script will be used as the basis for this year’s competition; the playwright will receive an honorarium and be invited to give a talkback about their play as part of the performance on March 16, 2024.

What we’re looking for

A good March Madness script is:

  • Open to interpretation. We want a script that has the latitude to support many different visions. In particular, the setting in time and space should be left as open as possible.
  • Short. The ideal March Madness script should run about ten minutes.
  • Small-cast. March Madness scripts work best with 3–4 characters, all of whom are ideally gender-neutral.

Some examples

To see what March Madness in action looks like, you can watch the 2022 and 2023 editions of the competition on our website. We’ll also be posting some examples of past scripts, so watch this space!

The fiddly details

Scripts submitted in PDF format are preferred, but plain text and Microsoft Word formats (doc/docx) are acceptable. Send your submissions to; submissions received by February 5, 2024 will receive full consideration.

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