Author: Matt Walsh

Two pinkish padded chairs, one with arms and one without

KWLT’s mini-silent auction: now until September 4

Folks agree that the Green Room has a lot of things. Too many things. But, sentimental attachment! We don’t want to just junk a thing that someone wants, because then that person will have a sad.

So, we’re testing out having an online, asynchronous silent auction for three of the items which have been in our Green Room for many years. If you’re interested in providing a home for any of these items in exchange for a meager number of dollars, please bid via the below Google Forms before 11:59pm (EDT) on Monday, September 4. (Before the end of Labour Day.)

The items on the block (photos available at each link):

Meet the characters: Ali Ababwa & Ali Hakim

Ali & Ali are the creative geniuses behind such Agrabanian hit shows as May the Blood of the Infidel Run Thick Through Streets of Our Enemies, which ran for seven seasons in Agrabanian prime time and earned Three Golden Goats! Some may suspect them of promoting terrorism, some may suspect them of plagiarism – their hit was based on the U.S. TV show 24, where Jack Bauer has 24 hours to torture 17 guys to save the free world.  They stayed very close to the 24 template.  Suspiciously close.

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